There are several factors to take into account if you’re having trouble deciding between a truck-mounted crane and a conventional carrier crane. Prior to deciding on the type of crane to use, it is important to consider the job at hand, the crane’s intended use, the amount of time available, and your available budget.

Each type will have advantages over the others, but this article will focus on the advantages of using a truck-mounted crane should you choose to do so.

Saves on Cost and Time

The ability to save time and money when using a crane is undoubtedly one of its best features. A conventional crane must be constructed from the ground up, which will be expensive in labor costs and take a long time. An on-the-road crane that is mounted on a truck is set up and ready to use with little to no preparation.

Save on Weight

As most industries already know, the truck mounted crane industry also strives for its products to be light, strong, and quick. In order to be able to provide the best products possible, businesses constantly invest money and resources in research and development.

Standard cranes cannot feasibly reduce the weight of their cranes in any other way, whereas truck mounted cranes are constantly looking for ways to be stronger, lighter, and faster.

Can be Upgraded Easily

When using a crane, it is also very easy to transfer the crane to another truck in the event that the one being used develops any problems. The crane and all of its parts can be transferred to the new truck as long as an experienced engineer has verified that it has the proper weight distribution and stability.


Truck mounted cranes have many advantages over their larger cousin, though there are certainly situations where a more conventional crane is necessary. They will require less labor, are less expensive, easier to set up, and can be easily upgraded if necessary. They are also more mobile. The best news is that companies are constantly improving and improving upon truck mounted cranes.

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