Are you relocating across the city or even down the block to a new home? The best way to ensure that all of your belongings arrive at your new home safely and securely when you move is to hire skilled and reliable residential movers. To ensure you have all the information before your move, you should address some of the most common questions people looking to move have. Moving day will proceed more smoothly in this way…

  • Who packs every box I have? Is the moving company responsible for it, or do I?
  • Do I need to wrap my furniture myself? or buy the necessary supplies?
  • Is it okay if I keep all of my clothes and belongings in drawers?
  • Do I have to walk to the new location behind the truck?

Who packs every box I have?

Most of the time, you pack every box by yourself. This includes all of your personal items, such as your clothes, books, mugs, plates, etc. Be careful when wrapping items and avoid overfilling boxes with heavy items like books, which can damage the boxes. Don’t leave any extra room in the boxes because doing so will likely result in denting, which could further harm your belongings.

Now, I did say “most cases” above because the majority of moving companies do provide a service where they will literally pack everything for you. However, because this is usually an incredibly expensive added service, most people choose to pack their own belongings. Although if you wanted to save time or hassle, the service was available.

Is my furniture wrapped by me?

No; the packing for all of your larger items will be handled by the moving company. In order to prevent items from being scratched or dirty during the moving process, they will also use furniture blankets, which are made of a heavier and more robust material similar to a blanket.

Can I keep everything in my dresser drawers, including clothing and other items?

If the furniture is sturdy, you can leave things in the drawers like clothing or linens. The majority of movers advise removing any items that need to be assembled, like those from Ikea. Additionally, avoid leaving jewelry or other small items in drawers because they could fall out or shift around and break. Books should not be kept on shelves or in drawers because their weight puts too much strain on the furniture and can cause damage to it.

I’m moving, do I need to follow the moving truck to my new place?

You can follow the truck to your new location since this is a local move. In either case, you must show up at your new location before or at the same time as the movers to let them in.

I hope this brief Q&A has helped clarify any concerns you may have had about residential moves!

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