Utilizing a truck rental may be a choice you have considered if you are moving across the country or just within your city. The risks of moving, such as the effects of the weather and theft, can be avoided by renting a truck to use for the move. There are a few things to think about before you go to the rental company, though.

1- To begin with, you must ascertain how much space you’ll require. A rough guideline is that a typical room of furniture for a home will need about five feet of cargo space inside the truck. Depending on how much actual possessions you actually have compared to the average household, your personal needs will change.

2- Once you have a general idea of the size of the truck you’ll need, you can start calling rental agencies to find out what sizes they have available. The cargo van and small cargo trucks are a couple of the most popular sizes that may require early reservations.

3- When you are ready to reserve the truck, it is best to stay away from the busiest times to give yourself the greatest selection of vehicles and options. Avoiding these times will increase the likelihood that you’ll get the car you want. Most leases end and start at the end and beginning of each month, so try to avoid them.

4- If you plan to rent a truck, make sure you are covered under your personal insurance policy because many auto insurance policies do not. Accepting the insurance that the rental company offers is a good idea if yours does not cover this kind of rental.

5- Ask if there are any directions available for using the truck before you leave the parking lot after renting it. If there are, make sure to read them. Get a representative from the rental agency to personally demonstrate anything you will need to know to finish your trip safely, if at all possible.

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