Many modern gadgets and truck driver accessories make your car  more practical and safer. They take care of a lot of things and make a driver’s life easier. They would make a great Christmas gift. We have selected five examples of these devices for our top list and will tell you more about them. You may want to buy some for an Iveco truck or any other vehicle.

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Useful truck driver accessories

These accessories will help make the driver’s life on the road easier and more enjoyable, making them a useful gift for the driver of an old or new Iveco tipper.

GPS tracker for your truck.

A small, stand-alone device allows you to track the location of your truck, the movement of cargo, and more. There are more “advanced” models that allow you to track the status of vehicle locks, fuel levels, engine locks on command. In general, the GPS tracker is in the “sleep” phase. It is activated once a day or less: it gives the coordinates and waits for the operator’s command.

10 Practical Truck Driver Accessories for Under $100 | Truckers Training

Car vacuum cleaner.

An indispensable device for drivers who like to clean the cabs of Iveco dump trucks or any other vehicle. This compact device plugs into the cigarette lighter adapter and provides quality cleaning even in the most hard-to-reach places. When buying, look out for the availability of additional accessories: they’re sure to come in handy!

Network video recorder.

This gadget captures everything that happens on the road in the driver’s field of view: the actions of other cars, the behavior of other people, changes in traffic lights. Modern models of video recorders are equipped with vibration sensors, simultaneously record video from two cameras (front and rear), record GPS coordinates and speed. If the driver is innocent but charged with a crime, they are allowed to get out of trouble on the road.

10 Practical Truck Driver Accessories for Under $100 | Truckers Training

Start the car’s booster (“jump starter”).

The booster is a small device that provides a short burst of current when the battery is dead and you can’t start your car. It also allows you to charge various devices and acts as a mobile power source. Some models come with flashlights that work for extended periods of time.

Purifier, negative ion generator, humidifier

Your cabin air may be stale, dirty and covered in dust. Modern air purifiers, ionizers and humidifiers can help keep the air fresh. They eliminate harmful bacteria and help maintain optimal humidity levels in the air, thus protecting the health of the driver. There are different types of Iveco tipper trucks and other brands.

How to choose the right gadgets and truck driver accessories

To purchase the right equipment, you must first talk to the driver and understand his needs. He may already own some of the gadgets listed above. He may also be looking for accessories, such as a hot water bottle, electric kettle or breathalyzer. Once you’ve decided on a gift, go online and find an auto parts store. You’re sure to find the right product for your driver. And if you can’t manage it yourself, ask the store manager for advice.

Where to buy truck driver accessories

Find the necessary gadgets in a trusted online store and order them online. Choose items that will not only please the Iveco truck driver in France or any other country/region, but will also be useful for him on the road. May your gift be best suited to those who spend a lot of time behind the wheel.

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