Truck accidents result in significant damage to homes, businesses, and other structures as well as injuries to people. In fact, more than $13 billion is thought to be lost annually in quality-of-life losses due to truck accidents.

Automobile accidents pose a threat to everyone. It poses a risk to all of us, particularly when it involves large, powerful vehicles like commercial trucks and other types of freight transport.

Therefore, in order to prevent accidents where trucks cause significant damage, each state has implemented special laws. California is one of the states whose laws have changed. Large trucks and other commercial vehicles now have a slower speed limit requirement.

In 20% of large truck accidents, the driver’s negligence in the form of excessive speed is to blame, according to crash statistics. There are many causes of truck accidents besides excessive speeding.

  • Driving under the influence – Driving while intoxicated in alcohol
  • Driving carelessly and negligently means breaking the speed limit and other traffic regulations.
  • Inexperienced driving – Driving without enough training and skills
  • Aggressive behaviors – Reckless driving maneuvers
  • Driving while distracted or bored is called inattentive. Most often because of phone use
  • Driving fatigue – Driving for long hours exceeding that allowed by law which may cause drivers to fall asleep behind the wheel
  • Improper securing of heavy loads – Loads not properly placed, fastened or locked that may fall unexpectedly out of the truck
  • Overloading – Loading beyond the maximum weight capacity of the vehicle or the maximum weight permitted by law
  • Before and after the trip, there was insufficient careful inspection of the truck’s machinery and equipment for potential damage or malfunctions.
  • Driving on roads with hazardous road conditions, such as those that are uneven or lack warning signs.
  • Bad weather conditions – Driving a truck under heavy rain

In a truck accident, who is liable?

You can file a lawsuit against any individual, business, or other entity that contributed to the accident. This includes any of the following:

  • The truck driver and the trucking company
  • The owner of the trailer
  • The shipper
  • The vehicle manufacturer which may have been the cause of a mechanical or equipment failure
  • An owner of any public or private property whose negligence contributed to the accident

In a truck accident, who has legal recourse?

  • Any one who is injured as long as a person or entity can be held responsible for the accident
  • The surviving family members of a victim killed in the accident for which another person or entity is at fault

What types of damages can the victims claim?

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Past and future loss of income
  • Lost of employment
  • Costs of repair or replacement
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress

What areas can attorneys for California truck accidents assist with?

  • Collection and preservation of vital evidence
  • Examination of every angle of the incident
  • Assessment of all possible claims and damages
  • Establishment of liability
  • Act as defense and representation on your behalf
  • Preparation of legal documents

Do I require legal representation in my case?

Yes, they can assist you in prevailing in your case. The best lawyer you can find should be hired.

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