Plans for site security must use a better mousetrap. in Baltimore, Maryland, during the 2009 Chemical Sector Security Summit., a site security plan is required by the Department of Homeland Security.

A site security plan is required by CFATS regulations in order to secure the machinery and hazardous chemical facilities against terrorism. Utilizing an electronic fuel and starter engine disablement system is one way to achieve this. Theft of the object to which it is attached can be easily avoided just by that.

The terrorist won’t be able to move anything and use your chemical, or worse yet your hazmat tanker full of potentially lethal airborne chemicals, as a weapon of mass destruction if a fuel system attachment designed to stop the engine from running once it is set on semi-trucks, construction equipment, RV, farm equipment, or anything with a motor is part of your own chemical or hazmat facility site security plan.

You should secure it if you’re concerned about a terrorist hijacking or stealing your cargo ship, tug boat, or hazmat load. The driver can shut off the truck or tug boat with one system in just two seconds by entering a code…the terrorist will not go anywhere.

A keypad with an infinite number of personal codes that you create yourself is used to operate that device. Together with the rest of the population, your loads can now be SAFE. While having a GPS system that can tell you where you are or might end up is useful, it won’t stop the terrorist from stealing!

Instead, you need something that will stop the engine so that the thief or terrorist cannot restart it without the right code and cause any significant damage. Your tanker load, barge, or construction equipment will not be used in his terrorists’ schemes to create a weapon of mass destruction.

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