Specially created truck covers, which are very popular, are commonplace on pick-up trucks. It used to be fashionable to wear a custom-fitted cap over the bed of your truck. Many truck owners now prefer to use a truck tonneau cover. Numerous stores sell them, and there are numerous cover options. Selecting your tonneau truck cover isn’t rocket science but it pays to “go with what you know” when selecting yours. Let’s examine the various truck tonneau cover varieties that are currently available.

The most popular selling trucks in the USA for nearly three straight decades are Ford’s “F” series line of full size pick up trucks. This level of sales demonstrates unequivocally that pick-up trucks continue to be an important and vital part of the automotive landscape by selling twice as many trucks as the closest car, the Toyota Camry. Indeed, our roads are now fully populated with trucks from a variety of manufacturers, including Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, Dodge, Toyota, Honda, and Nissan. Today’s trucks include a third element, passenger comfort, in addition to their traditional strengths in towing and hauling. However, you are likely to get a range of responses if you ask almost anyone specifically what they use their truck bed for. The majority of truck beds are used solely for hauling cargo, and the type of cargo being hauled usually dictates how the bed is covered or protected.

The focus of this article is on another well-liked product: tonneau covers, so I won’t discuss two additional items, bed liners and caps. Like with so many other products, the type of tonneau cover chosen and the material used to make the cover have a significant impact on the quality and durability.

The cheapest tonneau cover option is a snap-down cover, but it can be challenging to secure it in place when it’s cold outside. If you try to attach your cover, picture ice and snow settling into the snaps and becoming frozen in place. It simply won’t happen without a lot of work on your part. Not only that, but the material is prone to tearing, so your investment could become worthless in a matter of seconds.

As an alternative, a roll-up cover is much simpler to use and fits better. It costs more money as well! However, there are numerous benefits to spending more money on a roll up cover, such as the fact that better materials are used, which results in a longer warranty, the fact that a roll up cover fits better, which means that everything in your truck bed is well protected, and the fact that a premium cover lasts longer and looks better.

Of course, fiberglass-made tonneau covers are the best because they give the cover a shell that is incredibly hard and durable. Hard shell tonneau covers are not only significantly more durable than all other styles of tonneau covers, but they are also by far the most expensive covers for your truck. You get what you pay for in life, as with everything else, though.

A hard shell tonneau cover offers a great deal more as well, such as a safe lock, overhanging sides, a hinged front, hydraulic struts, automotive weather stripping, theft prevention, and a watertight seal. Hard shell tonneau covers also have the benefit of being produced by many manufacturers so they can be painted to match your finish. Install a spoiler on the back of your truck, and the shell and spoiler together will make for one sexy-looking vehicle!

Go with a tonneau truck cover that is produced by a significant and reputable company. Extang, Truxedo, Lung, and Access are a few popular brands. Shop online with a reliable online wholesaler to get the best deal.

Installing a tonneau truck cover will give your truck the best appearance and functionality. Choose one right away to safeguard the cargo you carry and the investment you made when you bought your pick-up truck.

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