Sizes and shapes of bed liners vary. It is designed to protect the truck bed’s flooring, much like floor mats and liners do for other vehicles. Especially if you frequently place loads on the bed, this automotive accessory is a must-have. Dirt, grime, and liquid can damage the bed’s floor, so it needs extra protection to stay in good shape. As you apply the brakes, it may also stop your loads and gears from shifting or slipping.

There are some differences you should be aware of before purchasing a bed liner for your truck. A BedTred or BedRug, please? In order to protect the truck bed, they both serve a similar purpose. However, please highlight their differences.

Which bed liner suits your truck the best?

The company that produces the well-known truck bed liners and mats under the names BedRug and BedTred actually manufactures both products.

– BedTred Pro Truck Bed Liner

BedTred is made of quarter-inch-thick thermoplastic olefin composite, giving it the convenience of a drop-in mat while giving the appearance of a spray-in liner. Additionally, it is attached with water-resistant closed-cell foam to stop liquids and other substances from dripping onto the bed flooring.

If you’re loading heavy items that could dent or gash your truck bed, this product is fantastic. Although it offers the bed with heavy-duty protection, it is not advised if you are loading up delicate items like furniture, electronics, sporting goods, or even pets. Since it has no skid resistance, if you apply the brakes, your cargo will either crash into the tailgate or slide forward toward the cab. It is not advised for children to sleep on this liner because the hard, abrasive surface could scrape their knees. Your truck’s floor, sides, wheel wells, and tailgate are all covered. To guarantee that it will attach directly to the bed, it is specifically made for a given truck.

– BedRug Bed Mat

In contrast to the BedTred, which is made entirely of plastic, this one is made of thick, carpet-like foam. When you need additional bed protection but still want to feel opulent, this is a great option. The finish of your truck won’t be scratched because it is made with non-abrasive materials.

It offers an impact-absorbing barrier to grip and hold the cargo in place during transport. It has a foam floor and a surface made of plastic fiber, both of which serve as anti-slip elements. Unlike BedTred, it has a knee-friendly surface that is smooth and comfortable and cushions your valuable load. In order to ensure that it will fit correctly onto the bed and be installed without the need for drilling holes, it is also made for a specific vehicle.

While BedRug and Bedtred have their differences, they both serve the same function of protecting the truck bed. To ensure the quality and durability of both products, they are built with premium materials and excellent craftsmanship. Choose the liner that best fits your preferences and requirements. To ensure a perfect fit and simple installation, the bed liners are individually formed to fit the truck bed.

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