A motorized vehicle called a utility vehicle is designed to carry out specific tasks, such as transporting people or cargo, displaying off-road or on-road capabilities, being used in emergency situations, and much more. These are specifically made to perform tasks that other wagons cannot.

These wagons are classified into:

Armoured or Military Utility Vehicle:

As the name implies, these vehicles—which also include military tanks, trucks, and other vehicles—are used by the military.

Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV):

These are based on light-truck chassis, look like station wagons, and seat a lot of people. These are typically used for towing and off-road activities and are propelled by a 4-wheel drive or an all-wheel drive.

Multi Utility Vehicle (MUV):

An MUV can carry more passengers than other vehicles because of their large size. Also, these can accommodate more luggage.

Crossover Utility Vehicle (CUV):

These station wagons are constructed on a car chassis, but they resemble SUVs. A CUV’s primary goal is to exhibit excellent on-road behavior.

Tray Utility or Coupé Utility Vehicle:

These have an attached cargo bed in the passenger compartment.

Public Utility Vehicles:

These are essentially machines, not pieces of transportation equipment, that carry out various tasks for the benefit of the general public.

About MAN, a Leader in Producing Public Utility Trucks:

MAN Trucks India Pvt. Ltd is a leading producer of Heavy trucks, buses, and other types of public utility vehicles. It is an Indian company that is a division of Germany’s MAN Truck & Bus AG.

A few Public Utility Wagons produced by the ace automobile manufacturer include:

Foam Tenders and Nursers: These aid in fighting fires by using machinery that creates liquid and foam made of flouro protein.

Water tenders are employed in the fight against fire, the control of natural disasters, and environmental protection, including gas and oil alarms.

These trucks discharge dry chemical powder (DCP) and are used in refineries and other highly flammable areas. Refinery/ Industrial Foam Tenders, DCP Tenders

Rescue wagons, water cannons, and riot control vehicles: These emergency vehicles come in handy during riots, floods, earthquakes, accidents, and other calamities.

Turntable ladders and aerial platform ladders: These wagons have ladders and aid in entering places that are off-limits.

Garbage compactors: These assist with the gathering, handling, and storage of recyclable waste materials.

Road sweepers: As their name suggests, these are used to clean the roads.

Jetting units and sewer cleaners: These are primarily used in industrial and municipal settings to clean sewers.

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