Everyone who owns a lawn care company is well aware of this. Despite operating outside of a physical storefront, the lawn care company faces commercial risks. In fact, it is the outdoor gardening work that puts you at such a high liability exposure.

Examine the ensuing claim case studies to find out why other business owners in the same sector depend on their commercial umbrella insurance coverage to provide the security they require.

Lawn Care Insurance Claims

• He imagined a routine working day as he drove his lawnmower along the front lawn of his customer. Then, the mishap happened right as he moved the machine off the sidewalk: the lawnmower hit a person, breaking his leg. A judgment against the gardener and payment of $42,000 in damages were the outcomes of the subsequent bodily injury lawsuit.

• Even though the weed whacker the gardener was using did a good job of edging the lawn, it did not do as well at preventing an accident that hurt the customer’s young daughter. The child’s leg was struck by a small, sharp stone that was also caught by the blade as it struck the grass. The stone had flown high above the lawn. The doctor’s charges totaled $2,750.

• Tiny stones were also swept away as the owner of the lawn care company directed the blower at the leaves and debris to be removed from a home’s walkway. The truck was struck by the stones, which severely damaged the windows and exterior body. The owner of a lawn care company was sued for negligence, with the damages set at a $5,000 loss.

• The sprinkler belonging to a property owner was damaged. It was fixed successfully by the gardener. The gardener left the job site after a full day of labor. The sprinkler malfunctioned once more while the gardener was away, causing a significant flood and damage to the side of the house without the gardener’s knowledge. The cost of the repairs was $22,000.

• The equipment that a professional gardener had been using in his customer’s garage was left behind. The very next day after he returned, the gardener found that a garage fire had damaged his equipment. The gardener made an insurance claim for $10,000 worth of replacement equipment.

• An expert lawn care provider left his equipment in the customer’s shed while he went on a lunch break. The gardener blinked his eyes in shock upon leaving the restaurant. During the brief interval, his equipment had been taken. The gardener contacted his insurance provider to submit a contractor’s equipment claim for the machine, which was a loss of $11,200.

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