Handshake with other auto shop owners. You and I have similar worries about associated business risks. Like other businesses in your sector, you require commercial insurance to protect you from harm should it occur.

Examine these specific insurance claims to see if you can recall anything that was covered by previous policies.

Water Peril Damage

Before the storm, there was a period of calm, but when the rain started coming down in huge, relentless drops, chaos broke out. After the severe storm, an auto repair shop’s roof collapsed. After that, the shop was inundated by a fierce downpour. The flood caused $35,000 worth of losses overall, with severe damage to machinery.

Fire Peril Damage

Everything ought to have gone according to plan and ended as expected. But one day, a mechanic seriously messed up while welding some auto parts together. The action produced live sparks that started a fire on some papers. The flames continued to spread until they resulted in related smoke and fire damages totaling $27,000.

Theft Peril Damage

One owner of an auto and truck repair shop reported a theft to his insurance company, claiming the loss of two computers and various pieces of repair equipment. Detectives from the police department were unable to find the perpetrators of the crime and recover the stolen items. Losses totaled $15,000 in total.

Wind Peril Damage

Despite the fact that tornadoes have always been a common occurrence in the area, the owner of an auto, truck, and motorcycle repair shop never suffered any losses. Then, on a bad day, the repairman’s neighborhood was directly in the path of a storm’s whirlwind, which violently tore off the roof. The $48,000 repair project was finished in exactly one month and cost $48,000. The owner experienced estimated business losses of $30,000 as a result of being unable to operate from his repair station during the fix.

Vandal Peril Damage

A boss of an auto repair shop was particularly irritated by one mechanic. He lacked the common sense needed to interact with customers and was rude and messy. The employee was ultimately let go by the employer, but he never forgot the insult and vowed to himself that he would someday exact revenge. Just a few days after losing his job, he exacted revenge. In reality, the man broke into the store after closing hours, late at night, and caused havoc by carelessly breaking equipment and pipes. Damages totaling $33,000 were left as compensation for the business owner.

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