The most ideal time to move into a new residence, according to both homeowners and renters, is in the spring and summer. Conditions that are devoid of general snow and ice can make what is typically a big challenge all the more easygoing because the weather is much milder than the chill of winter.

You should get ready if moving day is in your near future so that other factors can be equally smoothed out.

Leading insurance companies have discovered through research that the following guidelines can help you move more quickly.

Making Moving Simpler – Five Sensible Tips that will Minimize Liability

• Give organization top priority. Sort your possessions into two categories based on need and want: what you need and what you don’t! Then, take the items you decide you no longer want and sell them, donate them, or simply throw them away because you don’t want to add to the moving chaos by bringing extra items with you.

• Who wants to be inundated with urgent tasks when they move? Plan everything that can be accomplished before your move. A few weeks prior to the big day, inform the gas, electric, water, and Internet providers of your move. Make sure to schedule new garbage pickups and postal deliveries well in advance of the move.

• Employ a reputable moving company that carries the necessary commercial insurance to safeguard your belongings in the event of any losses or damages. Call references to support their assertion that they have a good reputation.

• To ensure that any coverage gaps in your new location are filled, contact an experienced independent insurance agency to review your homeowner’s or renter’s policy. The fact that a review of your car, truck, or motorcycle is also necessary in case of new weather dangers related to the new area you will be moving into may actually surprise some laypeople.

• Even though making lists can take a lot of time, it’s a good idea to make an itemized list of everything you’ll be bringing to your new house, along with a note of its value and, if applicable, receipts. It will also help a lot if you take pictures of each item in case you need to submit an insurance claim for the move or afterward. Be sure to keep your inventory list in a secure location that is also simple to get to.

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