We no longer hold the same standards of quality for Japanese automakers like Toyota. The term “over the hill” applied to any car with more than 50,000 kilometers driven in the 1960s, but today it is normal for cars with 100,000 kilometers driven to be at their quarter-life. For instance, despite having well over 100,000 km on it, people are still lining up to buy a 2005 Toyota Pickup truck like the Toyota Hilux Vigo. Modern cars, pickup trucks, sport utility vehicles, and minibuses are made to last. The durability of minibus vans like the Toyota Hiace is well known. They travel up to 300,000 kilometers and are used and abused in cities across Asia and Africa with passengers crammed to the roof, yet their resale value is still high.

Even if everything else were equal, it would be preferable to purchase a vehicle with lower mileage. However, not everything is equal. There’s no doubt that buying a used car is much less expensive. Whether the risk is worthwhile is all that is left to decide. By taking into account the following, you can improve your chances.

Buying the best vehicle

Here are certain things to consider before you take the plunge and purchase a great kilo car, pickup truck, SUV or van:

– Go for low mileage vehicles if you intend to use it as a workhorse and rack up a lot of miles. A lot of miles added on an already overused vehicle will eventually do it in

– If this car is going to be your bread and butter vehicle and any downtime will hurt your pocketbook, then better shun vehicles with a lot of kilometers

– If you are planning to use it as your corporate vehicle then shun battered vehicle

Guidelines on purchasing a bad mileage car

An important rule when shopping for any vehicle new or used is: “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Nearly every day, we hear from customers who have taken advantage of this fantastic offer for a car that is half off the going rate, and very few people resist the urge only to later regret it. This also applies to used pickup trucks or vans with extensive mileage.

Here are some guidelines:

– How many people owned the car at one time? Was it owned by a business or a governmental organization? One owner vehicles are in very good condition followed by vehicles kept by government institutions and companies

– Stay away from rental company vehicles as they are used and abused by so many drivers on very long journeys

– Find out what parts have been replaced

– Find out why the van was sold, perhaps it was giving trouble or getting there

Buying a used vehicle at the right price

If you decide to buy a pickup truck or van that has a few extra kilometers on it, make sure you are getting a premium or lower price.

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