Is it as a result of intimidation? You really believe we can just park it anywhere we want because we drive such a large vehicle? You know, I wouldn’t advise you to play chicken with a tractor trailer that weighs 80,000 pounds and your car that weighs 4,000 pounds. You wouldn’t like how things turned out.

Or is it because we are so wealthy? I am aware of doctors and lawyers who have left their fields to work as truck drivers. What then could be so awful that most people have nothing but hatred for truck drivers?

I’ll bet that every time I go out and drive, someone will snap at me ten times. I am unsure of the reason because I don’t believe I am a particularly ugly guy. I’m aware that it isn’t my driving…oh wait I bet that’s it!

Now that I think about it, I was in the slow lane (the right one) when we were on the interstate and we came up on an on ramp where another car was merging. I turned on my turn signal to let you know I needed to pass, but you pretended not to notice the six flashing turn signals I was using. I therefore gave you a brief window of time to decide whether or not to move out of the way, after which I would decide for you.

I can keep my turn signal on for a long time to pass when I’m driving slowly through town.

In order to signal to other drivers to move when I’m on the highway, I typically flash my turn signal four times before moving into their lane. I also recall that the speed limit was 65 mph, so I made the decision to overtake the vehicle that was merging while it was still gathering speed, staying in the left lane.

You are now in my rearview mirror as I am going 65 mph over the speed limit. After about a mile, you start the routine of driving over the fog line just to let me know you are still in front of me. You stop at the fog line again after driving for another mile or so and begin the blinking light routine. I’ve circled this slower car halfway. So, being the good guy I am, I accelerate to 70 mph to pass the slower car.

When I do move the car, I take care not to cut them off, so I allow them to proceed by giving them a car length or two… You notice the gap I made for myself, but you immediately move into the right lane to pass me quickly. I held you up for no more than three minutes simply because I had to change lanes to allow a car to enter the highway.

Now you zoom past me on the right, flipping me off with your finger. You pass me on the right, and I move over after safely completing the pass. Later, I see that you take the next exit after traveling about two miles up the road..You had the potential to kill yourself, me, or someone else on the interstate in your haste. The next time, consider where you are going and when you need to arrive.

Be safe and smart when you’re driving.

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