If you don’t maintain your fleet of trucks or your truck and trailer, it can be a management nightmare. It is crucial to regularly inspect your trucks and trailers to make sure they are roadworthy and secure for travel if you want your trucking company to succeed in the modern era, especially with all the competition out there. How does that affect your trucking business, then? How frequently should you inspect the components of your truck and trailer?

Depending on how you use the trucks and trailers, this time frame will change. You must regularly service your trucks every 15 000 kilometers, or at least once a year. This is the typical amount of time needed for vehicle maintenance. If you purchased the trucks brand-new, this procedure will guarantee that they will serve you well for a long time. As a result, you will be able to check your truck on a regular basis and replace any worn parts before they become a serious issue and do a lot of harm. Brake pads and tires are two truck parts that are frequently changed during maintenance. The wheel alignment, engine, electronics, oil and water, and other components are also examined.

The trailer must be inspected or serviced at the same time as the truck. Since the trailer is permanently fastened to the truck, it travels just as far and requires regular maintenance. In order to maintain its condition, follow the same rules as for trucks. You must inspect the trailer’s various components, such as the axle and the electrical system. You must ensure that the lights are functioning in unison with the truck’s lights. The trailer’s reverse lights must sync with the truck’s reverse lights if the truck is put in reverse. Brake lights operate similarly. Verify again that the trailer is securely fastened to the truck before allowing the truck and trailer to set off on their journey. When the trailer is improperly hitched, accidents are very likely to occur. If any truck and trailer parts require replacement, do so at the point of service or before they leave on their next trip. By replacing the worn out components when necessary with high-quality truck and trailer parts, many accidents and damages can be avoided.

Therefore, it’s crucial that you service your truck and trailer every 15 000 kilometers and perform a spot check before each lengthy trip.

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