Take note, people: the official timing of spring’s arrival is set to occur on March 20th, despite the fact that the date on our calendars does not seem to coincide with all the wintery weather the eastern part of the country has been experiencing recently.

Although the coming of spring may have us daydreaming of blooming flowers and lush greenery, homeowners and car owners have not yet recovered from the recent storm’s exposure to tree falls and associated damages.

The insurance experts bring some of the pertinent questions that are most frequently asked, along with the logical responses.

The What, Why and How of Home and Vehicle Fallen Tree Damage

Does my auto insurance policy provide coverage for any vehicle damages caused by wind or tree damage?

Only the optional comprehensive type of coverage, out of all the related types of auto insurance coverage—liability, collision, and comprehensive—will pay for damages brought on by a tree or tree limbs falling on top of a vehicle.

Will the damages incurred on my home as a result of a tree fall be covered by my homeowners insurance?

The cost of removing the fallen tree as well as any subsequent home damage will typically be covered by a typical home insurance policy.

Take my tree falling onto my neighbor’s house or property as an example. Can I expect to be reimbursed for related damages under my homeowners insurance?

This response might surprise you. Even though your tree is to blame for the damage, your neighbor’s homeowners insurance will pay for it.

What if the downed tree wasn’t in the best shape before it was blown over by a wind or other storm?

The insurance companies will not pay for fall-related damages if you neglected a rotting or otherwise damaged tree and it collapsed. You alone are in charge of the situation.

If my tree falls on my property without causing any damage, will the cost of tree removal be covered by my standard homeowners insurance?

In a typical situation like this, your home insurance would not cover the cost of removing the tree.

What if a tree fall causes my roof to collapse?

If so, your homeowner’s insurance will pay for it.

In relation to wind storm damage, what is the insurance protocol?

In most cases, your standard home insurance will cover wind-related damage. The insurance provider is responsible for paying for repairs and replacement if, for instance, wind damage results in damage to your roof, your possessions inside your premises, or any other structure on your property.

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