The lifespan of a decently maintained truck is typically greater than that of an uncared-for vehicle. How long do you suppose a truck will last before needing regular maintenance? What if you experience a complete failure of the engine, transmissions, and other parts?

If your truck’s major components, like the engine, start to malfunction, you should consider getting a new truck to replace your old one. In contrast, you can easily replace truck parts like the axle or suspension if they break. A truck can be kept for as long as it receives routine maintenance, is in good working order, and gets you where you need to go.

Depending on how it is used, a new truck should last you ten to twenty years. A service plan that will cover both major and minor truck services is typically included with new carrier trucks. If your engine should malfunction, you would either need to replace it (which could be as expensive as a new truck) or buy a new one. Replace only the truck part that needs to be replaced if the vehicle is still in good operating condition.

On the other hand, your truck loses value the longer you keep it. When the truck’s value falls below its actual value, that’s when it’s time to sell it. In other words, it might be wiser to spend money on a new truck if the current one causes more issues like engine failure and frequent part replacements. It should go without saying that new licensing, branding, labeling, insurance, and service plans are now required. The old truck can now be used for nearby deliveries and pickups thanks to an investment in a new one made specifically for long distance driving.

It’s best to keep your truck for as long as you can, if you can. Furthermore, you should think about trading in your truck before the service plan runs out, i.e., within five years. Then, think about purchasing a truck that is either brand-new or has less than a year on it so that you can keep your service plan in effect. This will cut down on your service costs over the next five years. A maintenance plan would be preferable if you can get one. Any necessary maintenance will be paid for, and new truck parts should also be covered by this.

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