You may be forced to leave your home behind and move to a faraway location by your job or simply because you’re bored. Moving across state lines can be stressful, but it can also open up new sights and experiences. You must transport all of your belongings to the new location in addition to your own personal belongings. In light of your specific situation, here is a list of your best long-distance moving options.

Renting a truck

Every significant truck rental chain provides long distance moves. While local rentals charge by the mile, one-way rentals will have a set number of miles included. There will be plenty of extra space on this allotment for quick side trips and pit stops. According to one quote, 15% more mileage was permitted over the actual trip distance. If you need to move a car, you can rent a car dolly to pull behind the truck or buy one of the multipurpose aluminum folding ramps to load it into the truck bed.

LTL Haulers

LTL refers to a partial load in a tractor-trailer and it stands for “less than load”. When shipping via LTL, you must pay per linear foot of trailer space utilized. Your items will take longer to arrive at the destination because it will stop numerous times en route to unload and load other LTL loads. The LTL option seems to be more expensive than renting a car for a long distance move. However, LTL option becomes fairly competitive when gas and toll costs for a rental truck are taken into account.

Storage Containers

The interior of a small moving truck is a little bit smaller than the majority of storage containers. A medium-sized moving truck would be able to fit inside, though. A storage container is delivered by truck to your home for you to load, much like an LTL mover. Call for a pick-up when you’re finished to have it delivered to your location. The delivery date can also be chosen. A storage container is at ground level, so there are no ramps to climb.

Sell & Start Over

If you don’t feel an emotional connection to your furniture, replacing it might be less expensive. Before moving, sell your old furniture, then when you get to your new house, buy newer furniture. The largest portion of your belongings is furniture. Therefore, selling the old one would be preferable in order to save not only money but also time and space.

Choose the most cost-effective long-distance moving option, and you’ll save a lot of money compared to full-service movers.

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