Any insurance agent will likely respond that slippery conditions are the most frequent wintertime causes of car accident claims. If you ask the drivers, they’ll likely say that icy conditions are among the top five.

There are undoubtedly a number of driving risks associated with winter. Undoubtedly cause for concern is the iciness on the roads.

Is there a single proven method for avoiding a car accident caused by ice factors? You’re right, but the winning solution might not work for you. The best advice is to avoid driving whenever there is ice, snow, slick terrain, or black ice.

It is always a good idea to review the details of your auto insurance policy before each season, but especially before the winter one when accidents happen more frequently.

The safety advice provided below will be useful if you absolutely must drive on icy roads.

• Put on your seatbelt. It goes without saying that the driver and passengers should always be buckled up before getting into a car during icy weather.

• Driving too quickly on ice can result in tires losing crucial traction and a driver losing control in a potentially dangerous manner. Drive cautiously and slowly whenever you come into contact with black ice.

• As the car slides, turn in that direction! The best way to maintain control is to steer your car or truck in the direction it is traveling. If you veer off too far, retrace your steps and head back in the right direction.

• Never slam on the brakes! In icy weather, applying too much force to the breaks can cause you to slide and lose control. Don’t assume that the car’s antilock feature will function properly in these circumstances because it won’t!

• Skip any incline or hill. It should go without saying that you could find yourself helpless and in a dangerous situation if gravity combined with the already unfavorable circumstances of iciness.

• The authorities should receive the savings! Despite the fact that you are a nice guy, showing kindness in a situation where there is a chance of a collision is unkind. Avoid stopping to help accident victims because you might slide, putting you and other drivers at risk for a single or multiple-vehicle accident. Calling the police and directing them to the accident scene should be done as soon as it is safe to do so.

Don’t forget to call your independent insurance agent as soon as you call the police if you are ever in a car accident. In a difficult situation, your insurance expert will provide guidance so that the incident will go as smoothly as possible.

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