Maintaining the floors of your clients year-round is essential to keeping your business open. However, you need to demonstrate your carpet maintenance expertise if you want to win their business all year long. That being said, you must devise a strategy to assist clients in keeping their floors clean during the crucial months between winter and spring. At this point, the floors are covered in mud, salt, snow, and other corrosive soils. Truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment is best suited to removing these kinds of stains.

Maintaining the condition of their carpets is their top priority in order to ensure their durability and long lifespan. Wintertime can be challenging for this, especially where it’s snowy and rainy.

Salt should be the main target of your carpet maintenance plan, along with avoiding stains and damage. Thus, the air quality will be improved and the carpets will remain spotless.

Developing a Winter Carpet Care Plan

The mess that is brought indoors during the winter can be difficult to stop. It’s best to concentrate on fixing the issue because moisture and soils always seem to find their way inside. According to statistics, 80% of the soil found in carpets was brought inside from the outside, proving that prevention is rarely effective.

Salinity is the main problem in the winter. Your strategy must include preventive measures, daily cleaning, and interim efforts to minimize maintenance costs in order to deal with this.

Preventive Methods

There are several ways to reduce the amount of soil that enters a building. One of the benefits is that your clients can make use of the pressure washing equipment you use to clean driveways and sidewalks. They could also sweep the walkways and sidewalks as a substitute.

Installing matting systems at each entrance would be the following step. The right systems have been shown to trap up to 90% of soil. Therefore, it is advised that commercial clients have at least 15 feet of matting at all exits, entrances, service ways, and side doors. To ensure that they continue to collect soils, these should also be cleaned off frequently.

Daily vacuuming and weekly hot water extractions are also useful for keeping soils out of carpets. Sludge is difficult for vacuum cleaners to pick up without harm. Specialized equipment is required, such as truck-mounted cleaning machines and commercial carpet steam cleaners.

Daily Cleaning Routine

Your customers’ cleaning staff can take a variety of actions to keep their carpets clean. Removal of stains, vacuuming, and mat washing should all be part of this process. Depending on how many times throughout the day are necessary, this can be done. Some people even practice these three times per day. It’s a good idea for the customer to change out the mats throughout the day if they live in an area with snow and ice.

Since mats are known to harbor mold, bacteria, pollen, and dust mites in addition to soil and salt, vacuuming with HEPA filters is crucial. The indoor air quality can be improved, which is beneficial for workplaces where most of the day is spent indoors by employees.

Interim Cleaning is Essential

This is crucial to do in order to treat the carpet in between deep cleanings. It is more thorough than a vacuum clean but less intense than steam cleaning. The process of interim cleaning entails applying sprayed or dry chemicals to the floors, agitating them, and then picking it up with your machine. The surface, or top third of the floor, is cleaned in this manner. When it’s time for a thorough cleaning, bring your truck-mounted carpet cleaning machine with you.

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