Most vaccines and medications must be delivered in temperature-controlled environments. Selecting a high-quality transport refrigeration can thus ensures the safety of the pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceuticals and vaccines are being delivered by refrigerated vehicles by an increasing number of medical companies. Let’s look at some things to consider before buying a refrigerated vehicle.

1.Choose suitable temperature controlled of transport freezer units

Usually, as with other refrigerated vehicles, a truck reefer or van reefer will be installed, with a temperature as low as -5°. The majority of vaccines must be delivered under 2-8â temperature control, and Guchen Thermo’s entire fleet of reefer trucks and vans can accommodate this need. Additionally, certain pharmaceuticals or vaccines need to be delivered at a controlled temperature of -18°, so it’s important to choose a truck refrigeration unit with a high cooling capacity at this time.

2.Choose suitable refrigerated vehicles types

There are many different types of refrigerated vehicles, including refrigerated trucks, refrigerated vans, and refrigerated trailers. However, since vaccine deliveries are typically made in cities, small refrigerated trucks or refrigerated vans might be the best option given the city’s traffic regulations. Therefore, we advise installing our TR-200 China truck refrigeration direct drive units on small trucks or pickup trucks as well as using our C-200T van refrigeration or TR-110D roof top van refrigeration.

3.Choose temperature and humidity recorder

An exact and sensitive recorder is required for temperature-controlled transport vehicles that deliver vaccines or medications. Our refrigeration units for trucks or vans come with a Guchen Thermo electric control system, which can precisely record temperature and humidity.

4.Choose the reefer vehicles that have two or more seats

Choose a reefer vehicle that has two or more seats because, typically, when vaccines and pharmaceuticals are delivered, a medical care team is required to ensure their safety.

To sum up, high quality vehicle refrigeration is crucial for the safety of the cargoes regardless of the type of refrigerated vehicles selected. The van reefer unit and ultra-thin truck refrigeration unit suppliers in China are Guchen Thermo. We offer high-quality products, and our truck refrigeration unit can withstand temperatures up to 50°! Contact us if you have any additional questions.

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