I advise planning ahead in an effort to make your moving day as trouble-free as possible. Before the big day, there are a few crucial actions you can take to make the move go more smoothly. However, depending on your movement—for instance, rental truck, professional movers, or perhaps portable storage units, will allow you to do some things slightly differently.

To begin with, if you’re using a rental truck or a moving company, make sure that all of your personal belongings, decorative items, kitchenware, and other household trinkets are boxed up, labeled with information about what’s inside each box and where it belongs, and ready to be loaded onto the truck when the time comes. I can’t emphasize enough how crucial it is to pack your belongings before moving day. You will appreciate doing this ahead of time, I assure you.

Utilizing a portable storage unit allows you to load it as you pack your belongings, saving you time on the actual moving day. Portable storage units are useful, and they often outweigh rental trucks in terms of advantages.

Keep your valuables, including jewelry, silverware, delicate items, legal papers, photo albums, and so forth.-aside, to be moved yourself. Never load these or any other irreplaceable items into trucks or portable storage containers.

Tables, chairs, and other substantial pieces of furniture should be disassembled a few days beforehand. Wait until the day of the move before disassembling your own bed, but you can take apart any beds that are not in use. At the end of the big day, remember that a restful night’s sleep will be greatly appreciated.

When using a portable unit, you can load it as you disassemble your furniture. The biggest benefit portable storage units offer movers is the freedom to load them whenever they want. Many businesses that provide this service will even keep a loaded unit in storage until it’s time to unpack.

Be sure to keep a few things handy, such as: common tools (multiple screwdrivers, a box cutter, Allen wrenches of various sizes, a hammer, pliers, and perhaps even a small socket wrench set); empty boxes and packing tape; cash for tipping the movers (it is suggested that you give them $20 per mover); and cleaning supplies (a vacuum cleaner, mop, and sponges) for cleaning your old home before the new owners move in.

Empty spaces should be filled with boxes or bags of clothing if packing a rental truck or storage unit. Large items should go in first. It can be tricky to estimate how much space will be required to fit the belongings of an entire household, so try to load everything all the way to the top of the truck or storage unit.

Unbelievably, loading makes up two thirds of the total work; offloading, of course, makes up the remaining third. The most satisfying part of moving is by far unpacking the last item from the truck or out of the portable storage unit, which typically takes much less time than offloading.

You will have a much better moving experience if you take this article’s advice to heart. Unfortunately, we all learn by doing, as is true for most things in life. I can assure you that you will gain knowledge from your upcoming move, just as I imagine many of you who have already moved will have done. Stay upbeat and don’t worry too much; the day will pass, and the next night you will be sleeping in the comfort of your new house.

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