Make a Check List before ordering your custom built

Peterbilt pickup truck There is a lot to consider

when putting in an order for a custom built Peterbilt

pick-up truck.

The chassis of course is a very important aspect of

your truck. Half ton, three quarter ton, ton, super

duty, are some of the options you have and must

consider. Then of course, there are options, paint,

paint and interior color schemes, chrome work, engine

size and the list goes on and on.

Therefore, I have developed a check-list for you to

go by before starting the process. Of course, this is

just a guideline and you can add and take away from the


* Chassis

* Engine

* Tires and Wheels

* Paint- colors/schemes

* Transmission

* Time frame for delivery

* Type of delivery

* Warranties and Guaranties

These are just some of the things you need to

consider when planning your purchase of a Peterbilt

Pick-Up Truck.

Something else to think about is what exactly is the

use of your truck going to be. Pleasure? Show truck?

Everyday use?

If you have questions, which I’m sure you will;

contacting the builder and visiting with him about your

questions and/or concerns is, of course, the very first

step in the process. Second and equally important is

your spending budget as these unique pick-up trucks

start in the area of about $40,000.00

Not everyone will enjoy driving a Peterbilt pickup truck.

They are not only custom built, but the cost isn’t for

the average pocketbook or wallet.

A true connoisseur of automobiles will both appreciate

these trucks as well as desire to own one for


Take a little time to consider the check-list and

write down any questions you may have and then contact

the builder to discuss them. This will make the buying

process go smoothly and greatly reduce buyer’s remorse

and pre-purchase jitters.

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