Running boards can significantly alter the exterior of your SUV, pickup truck, or van while also giving you and your passengers easy access to the car. Another consideration is selecting the proper running board for your car. In order to help you complete the task, let’s look at some options you have.

Running boards basically fall into two categories: those that have lights and those that don’t. If you have a remote starter for your truck, you can turn on all of your lights, including your running board lights, before you get to your car. Which type you choose will partly depend on your personal preferences, but illuminated running boards can be useful, especially if you park in dark areas. Running boards improve safety and increase the appeal of your car.

Depending on the model chosen, a variety of materials can be used to create running boards. They include:

  • Heavy duty polymer materials
  • Rugged ABS molded board
  • Heavy duty aluminum
  • Durable fiberglass
  • Chrome or diamond plated

    Other things to consider when selecting your running boards:

  • Are non-slip treads included with them?
  • Do the aluminum or galvanized steel support brackets come with a mounting kit, or do I need to buy one separately?
  • Are they paintable so that I can match the exterior color of my truck?
  • Are the running boards universally compatible or [OEM] custom fitted to my car?

    Light kits can be placed anywhere along the board and are wired to turn on when your door opens. They are typically sold separately. Lights are very bright and durable, and kits typically come with four sets—two for each board.

    By placing a direct order with an online wholesaler like Car Parts Stuff, you can save money on high-quality running boards. Lund, Westin, and Dee Zee are some of the top brands available. To find the set that’s best for you, shop around and compare options.

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