A comfortable and ergonomic seat is essential for a trucker, especially when driving for many hours without a break. Without the right truck drivers seat accessories, pain can be a problem behind the wheel!

Fortunately, there is a way to provide comfort without breaking the bank! The solution? Invest in a high-quality cushion without having to replace your seat.

Here you will find tips on how to find the best accessories for truckers. With our recommendations, you’ll be able to ride with peace of mind and focus only on your destination.

After an in-depth market study coupled with customer feedback, here is a selection of our best products.

Let’s go for an overview of these famous shock absorbers.

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The all-rounder of truck drivers seat accessories:

The orthopedic seat cushion

COMFORT  truck  driver  seat accessorie

This breathable memory foam cushion provides long-lasting comfort without deforming during your ride.

Its W-shape is both aesthetic and helps prevent coccyx and spine pain while reducing pressure in the legs. The cushion is removable and the cover is machine washable.

This is the investment to make for extended use for all your driving seats or office chairs. This accessory combines light weight, ease of transport and high air permeability making it the number one in this selection.

Best value for money of truck drivers seat accessories:

The permanent memory cushion

Le coussin à mémoire de forme permanente

This is a U-shaped model made of premium memory foam.

This model has been specially designed to prevent pressure by using body heat to adapt to the back for even more comfort and has an anti-slip rubber bottom that stays in place. This model has a lifetime exchange guarantee.

Its advantages are numerous: a machine washable cover, economical, good for blood circulation, good air permeability and compatible with an office chair.

Most comfortable truck drivers seat accessories:

The TravelMate with extra large memory foam

Le coussin confort extrême pour les grands gabarits

Its anti-slip silicone coating offers both balance and support, and its memory foam won’t deflate or move, providing maximum comfort. Its unique 4D ventilated fabric makes it light and ideal if you want to ride with peace of mind and a protected back.

This model is made of a soft foam that is as resistant as a classic and can be used on all surfaces, making it an excellent investment for truck drivers.

The extreme comfort truck drivers seat accessories for tall people:

Les modèles de coussin de siège pour routiers

Taller people need a seat that can support their weight while providing the best comfort. The Xtreme Comforts fit the widest seats with better weight distribution.

Its two layers of foam adapt to the morphology without deforming and relieve pressure and blood circulation.

This model has a washable cover and a handle so you can take it everywhere with you. A little extra, an anti-skid bottom that keeps it in place even on the most difficult roads.

The aesthetics: the Aylio Coccyx Comfort

Coccyx Comfort

For those who are looking for an aesthetic model, Aylio Coccyx is the cushion to have. With a width almost equivalent to that of the Xtreme Comforts, its design is not outdone with a very ergonomic cut.

Proposed with a handle of transport its small weight allows you to carry it with you in all displacements.

Editor’s favorite: the breathable maxi cushion

le maxi coussin respirant

With its XXL dimensions this model offers maximum comfort to its users. It is THE good investment for a competitive quality-price ratio.

It also has a leather cover that offers elegance and comfort, an anti-slip base to prevent the risk of slipping and of course a carrying handle.

Its composition adapts to all morphologies. Two metal hooks offer you a permanent support and it even has two pockets to allow you to store some accessories such as your laptop or wallet.

Second favorite truck drivers seat accessories of the editors: the Sojoy iGelComfort

meilleurs amortisseurs pour les chauffeurs poids lourds

Popular with truckers but not only, this model adapts to many situations whether in the office, in your city car or for travelling thanks to its comfort offering a real back support and a reduction of spinal problems.

Its composition combines the comfort of gel with the strength of foam for a constant support. Like its counterparts, it has an anti-skid system that allows the driver to always be maintained whatever the road conditions.

Seat cushion models for truck drivers seat accessories

The traditional

Without backrest and generally in U shape, there are different models. Designed to reduce vertebral risks, they adapt to your morphology. You can always take your favorite cushion wherever you want!

Memory foam

The advantage of a memory foam cushion lies in its ability to relieve back pain and discomfort related to the coccyx while adapting to your morphology. Note that this type of model is not suitable for everyone.

Cushions with backrest

Some consumers are looking for a model with a backrest. There are 2-in-1 models that allow the user to adapt it to their needs, and some brands offer a version that allows the cushion to be attached to the seat for optimal support.


If you choose this model, you should know that its design offers great adaptability according to your preferences in terms of firmness and height.

Three good reasons for truck driver to invest in a truck drivers seat accessories

Trois bonnes raisons pour les routiers d’investir dans un cousin de siège

Adaptability. Trucks are not made to measure and it is sometimes difficult for a driver to work in optimal comfort conditions. The seat cushion can help compensate for this lack of comfort thanks to its ergonomic shape that adapts to all morphologies.

Maximum comfort. The regular use of a cushion adapted to one’s morphology allows drivers to work in optimal comfort conditions.

Lumbar support. A real ally of your spine, the seat cushion is a significant asset to compensate for certain deficits related to a seat that is sometimes poorly adapted to the morphology of the driver.

Here is a list of some criteria to consider before making your choice.

Which model of truck drivers seat accessories for your needs?

Memory foam: relieves and prevents the risks related to a bad position of the

coccyx while adapting to the user’s body heat.

The inclination: thanks to the memory foam that composes it, the seat cushion offers a design conceived to improve the sitting posture and relieve the back.

Heating option: the option of a padding with heating technology helps to relieve certain discomforts related to poor posture such as aches and pains. Its targeted action allows for a more fluid blood flow.

Inflatable: the cushion models offering this option have the advantage of being able to be inflated or deflated at will in all circumstances and consequently to adapt the firmness to your needs.

The size

Before making any investment, we recommend that you first check whether the size you want will fit your seat. Once this check is done, you will be able to sit comfortably behind the wheel of your vehicle!

The composition

Even though memory foam cushions are widely used by truck drivers, it is important to find out what they are made of before you buy. Indeed, the comfort and life expectancy of your cushion will largely depend on the materials it is made of.

Easy to clean

Your seat cushion can quickly become dirty even after a short period of use. Pay attention to the maintenance recommendations and why not opt for a model with a removable cover for easier cleaning. However, be careful with the frequency of washing which, if too frequent, could make your cushion less effective. Once a year is sufficient to preserve all its qualities. Be aware that there are detergents specifically designed for the maintenance of sensitive materials.

The quality

There is no need to advise you to invest in a quality model that will accompany you as long as possible. Remember to choose a model that adapts to your needs in case of discomfort while driving.

The price

Pay attention to the price when you want to invest in a truck drivers seat accessories. Indeed, it is not always the most expensive ones that are the best, so study the quality-price ratio for a serene purchase and do not hesitate to make a comparative study of the different options in terms of quality and comfort.

The file

Investing in a cushion with a backrest offers drivers additional comfort and the assurance of better back support. Choose one with an adjustable strap to fit your needs perfectly.

Advice and final verdict

The seat cushion is the ideal ally for drivers who are looking for comfort and to reduce the pressure linked to a prolonged sitting position. Choosing the Inphysio orthopedic seat cushion is to offer yourself the best way to drive serenely even the longest distances while benefiting from a one year guarantee. Choose a model that meets your needs such as quality, shape or composition.

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Is the truck drivers seat accessories really useful?

Thanks to its shape memory, the seat cushion is ideal to prevent muscular pains and reduce fatigue. It is a true ally of your health!

Can memory foamod of truck drivers seat accessories be washed?

The memory foam is not washable but you can wash the removable cover.

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