Again exceeding all expectations, Tesla just revealed the pricing for its semi-truck!

When this model was first introduced, a variety of estimates regarding its price in relation to battery capacity were being made. Some believed that the price would most likely fall between $200,000 and $250,000 if the car had a battery with a capacity of 1,000 kilowatt hours and a 500-mile range.

Tesla Semi-Truck Priced Competitively

The actual costs have finally been disclosed, and these figures are absolutely staggering. The starting price for the 300-mile range model is $150,000, the 500-mile range model is $180,000, and the fully loaded Founders Series model, which should also be at the 500-mile range, is $200,000.

In order to put this into perspective, a semi-truck with a diesel engine starts out at around $100,000. You will need to look at the $110,000 to $120,000 range if you prefer something that is more dependable or has more features.

Contrary to popular belief, the difference between the two models (300-mile and 500-mile range models) actually represents a cheap upgrade.

This perspective makes the announced pricing even more affordable and appealing. For every extra 100 miles of range (or roughly 200 kilowatts of battery power), the upgrade costs only $15,000!

These calculations could obviously be completely off because they are based on preliminary data and observations, and every purchase will have additional costs. But if the math is accurate, this could completely alter the situation!

The Elon Musk Factor

Tesla appears to be gaining ground and outpacing the competition lately. They already have a definite technological advantage because they made the wise choice to spend heavily on R&D.

They also have Elon Musk.

“Let’s face it, people purchase a Tesla EV because it’s a great car with a wonderful tech, they invest in Tesla because they believe in Elon Musk,” observed TColey 100, a perceptive observer in the EV industry. “Tesla’s most valuable asset is Elon Musk, and the competition must deal with that.”

Online discussions tend to focus on Tesla’s strong points when it comes to those industries by default. EV technology, batteries, and their extensive supercharging network are standard fare.

But if there’s one differentiator driving Tesla’s success, it can only be Elon Musk. Numerous pages have been written about the man, and comparisons have been made. Naturally, when thinking of a tech visionary, Steve Jobs comes to mind.

They are both breakthrough seekers who have severely disrupted their respective industries in pursuit of their dreams. Because they recognize that it is possible, they perform their best. That Jobs passed away so young is regrettable. The way things are going, Musk will likely accomplish much more before he’s done.

This essay does not aim to exalt Musk or Tesla. The company is far from perfect; it has its own share of issues to address, but its direction and leadership are sound. Let’s be sure to give due credit to everyone.

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