OSHA states that safety lockout tagout products should be used right away, and in this article, I’ll give you some suggestions that might help. In order to protect equipment from potential terrorist attacks, you must first find a number of different ways to disable it. Next, figure out a permanent mounting method for these anti-theft products so there won’t be any putting it on/taking it off like with other anti-theft devices.

All should also be extremely difficult to defeat, making it more likely that the thief will give up and flee the area in order to avoid being caught. Isn’t that the plan? Okay, continue reading and look at the conclusion of this article to learn how your business can abide by the requirements.

The Homeland Security Act states that it is the duty of each trucking company and manufacturer of construction equipment to protect their own key volatile assets. Since 9/11, we’ve been living in constant fear of a terrorist attack within the United States. If a terrorist were to ever attempt to steal a semi-truck full of hazmat or food supplies and blow it up inside a populated area, your company needs to find a way to potentially save countless lives.

The need for hazmat load protection is a very real issue across a variety of industries. They work in the transportation industry, whether it be in the trucking, farming, construction equipment, railroad, RV, auto, or river barge sectors.

Imagine what would happen if a terrorist attempted to take control of a barge on a river that was carrying any of a number of different hazmat loads, such as propane, diesel, gas, chemicals, etc. It would be a disaster waiting to happen. But with the right precautions, it could be completely avoided, and that is what I hope to achieve with this article.

There are a few important products that can help counter this terrorist threat, and I’ll explain how they operate now.

The first is a manual air shut-down system intended to lock up the maximum brakes on a variety of equipment. The maxie brakes are permanently locked in the off position by a padlock. Some uses include: semi-trucks, semi-trailers, all air brake systems on construction machinery with spring-loaded maxie-brakes, swing air system on a track hoe, air brake systems on farm machinery with maxie-brakes, etc.

A manual fuel shutoff system is an additional. Any vehicle powered by gas or diesel can use it. Outstanding for semi-trucks, independent semi-trailers, construction equipment, towmotors, smaller trucks, motorcycles, boats, RVs, etc. This method uses a padlock to secure your tools and keeps them open or closed at all times.

Another is an electronic key for a sophisticated fuel shut-off system. You don’t need a padlock for this. For both large and small engines, as well as anything with a diesel motor, this is the best coded entry anti-theft device available right now. The operator-friendly coded keypad is placed close to the main device, which remains concealed somewhere in the engine compartment. can be pre-set to your own unique code and has anti-tampering features. This item is an excellent deterrent against theft and terrorist attacks. It is intended for heavy machinery, semi-trucks, boats, farm equipment, railroad equipment, and high-end automobiles. The fuel system is turned off by simply entering a security code on a keypad. Cheap, efficient, of high caliber, and trustworthy

A master disconnect switch concealed inside a lockable box is an additional. The starting motor is turned off by this one. An unbreakable shackle-free lock is housed on the exterior. For smaller pieces of machinery like bobcats, farm tractors, towmotors, etc., this one has smaller battery cable holes. It is an anti-theft device and a lockout/tagout system.

Another is a multi-user Lockout/Tagout device with larger battery cable holes made for larger machinery like semi-trucks, motor coaches, larger construction equipment, yachts, and larger farm equipment. Along with the shackle-free lock, it also functions as an anti-theft device. It shuts down anything with an electric starting motor and has Lockout/Tagout stamped on the housing. This one has a special lock that doesn’t have a shackel and has many additional uses.

An additional is a sturdy key box. The lockout/tagout device is ThiefsNightmare’s most affordable option, and it will make you compliant with the current OSHA Standards. All of your trucks, agricultural machinery, construction tools, etc. can be purchased with this product. no matter how many thousands of pieces of trucks or equipment you have down to one “key” when all keyed alike locks or re-settable combination locks are used on the outside of this keybox. Keys can be a nightmare after having so much equipment. This product key box solves that problem so you can use that “key room” for something else.

All of these products are of extremely high quality and have been standardized for use across all industries and languages so they can be used globally.

A Pental eye-hook locking device is an additional suggestion. It is intended to be used with utility trailers, air compressor trailers, welding trailers, and any other kind of farm trailer that has a Pental style hitch system. Simple but effective, the TN-5 guards against pickup truck thieves taking your trailer and anything inside of it. Get yours today.

Visit the website listed at the end of this article to learn more about these ThiefsNightmare products, including pictures and more thorough descriptions of what they can do for your business.

To secure America is what I’m trying to do here.

Loss Prevention:

You probably were unaware that the simple theft of unrecovered equipment totaled $154 million in 1987. Today, theft is much worse, costing over $1 billion annually in the USA in the trucking sector alone. It’s now a Quiet Epidemic! In a region of six counties, theft can reach a daily high of one million and is on the rise everywhere.

You will automatically increase your profits by preventing theft, which is as predictable as the Sun rising tomorrow, if you have self-insurance.

Afraid your drivers or operators won’t use the anti-theft device? Include this clause in your lease agreement or driver’s application? “The Thief’s Nightmare device must be used to lock up all equipment when not in use, or the Driver or Operator risk IMMEDIATE DISMISSAL.” It might seem cold, but it’s effective.

Think you’re protected because your trucks already have an expensive GPS tracking system installed? Wrong! Any thief or terrorist can and will disable your highly visible, expensive GPS system in just a few seconds by cutting one small wire.

Thats all for now,

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