Construction, mining, public utilities, and many other industries rely on MAN Trucks India Pvt. Ltd., a top automaker, as a reliable partner. The company manufactures a variety of buses, trucks, tractors, trailers, tippers, and other vehicles using cutting edge technology and solutions.

We get a sneak preview of the renowned automaker’s tipper lineup.

16.220 4×2 Box Body Construction: This model has a MAN D-0836 mill that is DI turbo charged and intercooled, and it has a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 16,200 kg. It guarantees a top speed of 65 KMPH thanks to its 3600 mm wheelbase.

16.220 4×2 Rock Body Mining: As its name suggests, this vehicle is useful in the mining sector. It generates 220 HP at 2400 RPM thanks to a MAN D-0836 engine that is DI turbo charged and intercooled.

25.220 6×4 on Road Construction (6 Speed): This model has a powerful MAN D-0836 LFL 18 DI turbocharged intercooled engine and a GVW of 25000 kg. It has a wheelbase of 4540 mm, a top speed of 76 KMPH, and a ZF-8043 power steering that is telescoping and adjustable.

25.220 6×4 Box Body Construction (9 Speed): This model from the MAN Trucks stable has a wheelbase of 4525 mm and a top speed of 82 KMPH. It also has telescopic and adjustable ZF-8043 power steering, S-Cam dual circuit air actuated drum brakes with MAN patented EVB, among other appealing features.

25.280 6×4 Box Body Construction: This vehicle has a GVW of 25,000 kg, a wheelbase of 4525 mm, a top speed of 72 KMPH, and 280 HP at 2400 RPM.

25.280 6×4 Rock Body Mining: The rock body tipper has a maximum speed of 78 KMPH and a 56 percent gradeability. It also has a telescopic and adjustable ZF-8043 power steering.

31.280 8×4 Box Body Construction: This box body tipper has a GVW of 31,000 kg, a wheelbase of 5300 mm, and a top speed of 78 KMPH. It also has 220 HP of power at 2400 RPM.

31.280 8×4 The specifications of the 31.280 84 box body construction tipper mentioned above are also applicable to the rock body mining vehicle. It is essential in its field of operations and has cutting-edge S-Cam dual circuit air actuated drum brakes.

Despite the fact that the majority of the vehicles mentioned above have similar specs, each of them was created to perform a specific function for the industry in which it was intended.

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