A vehicle’s lifespan can be extended with the right servicing and maintenance. A vehicle that is maintained well will last longer than one that is not.

The best way to keep a car running like new is with routine maintenance. Some do-it-yourself techniques can also be helpful in addition to a trip to the mechanic.

Some advice for maintaining tires is provided below.


Maintaining proper tire inflation is essential. As a result, they live longer and wear more evenly. A well-maintained tire helps to increase fuel efficiency and also offers a smooth ride. It is recommended to set the tire pressure in accordance with the guidelines provided in the manual. Before getting behind the wheel, we advise the driver to check the tire pressure each day.

The tyres are directly affected by the temperature of the atmosphere. While heat in the summertime raises pressure, the opposite is true in the winter. Purchase a tire pressure gauge of superior quality. A TPMS, or tire pressure monitoring system, is a common auto feature. Utilize these tools to monitor the pressure.


The longevity of the tires can be extended through routine rotation, which also ensures a comfortable ride, lessens vibrations by protecting the suspension parts, and improves gas mileage. It’s a good idea to perform this rotation every time the oil is changed. One must, nevertheless, adhere to the manual’s instructions.

This process becomes inevitable when:

• There is unequal wear. To get a sense of this, one can measure the tread depth several times. Uneven tearing is implied by a significant measurement difference.

• The front axle’s tires may age more quickly and differently than the rear ones. This can be achieved and maintained through regular rotation.

• Uneven wear is signaled by noises and vibrations, particularly from the steering wheel, which suggests that rotation is necessary.

Vehicle Alignment:

An important factor when driving is proper alignment. Uneven tire wear can result from a vehicle’s alignment issues or problems with the suspension and steering systems.

Car owners may follow the below-mentioned simple maintenance tips to enhance the life of their vehicle:

• Use a new tube when changing the tyre

• Use the same brand of tyres and tubes

• Use correct tyre and rim combination

• Keep the rim free from dirt

• Use a round and smooth rim valve hole

• When mounting and unmounting, use mounting machines. Do not use chisels, hammers, or other similar tools.

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