A mechanical suspension is one of many truck components that a truck owner must always make sure is in good working order. Purchasing the top truck parts for your fleet is always a good idea. Long-term cost savings are a result of quality longevity. When it comes to the Max Titan O.U. It is easy to understand why Mechanical Suspension is at the top of the list for high-quality truck parts.

These are Max Titan O.U.’s advantages. Truck and trailer mechanical suspension.

  • Compared to typical mechanical suspensions, this truck component is up to 20% stronger. This increases its dependability and durability.
  • It doesn’t significantly increase the vehicle’s weight because it is up to 15% lighter than its standard counterpart.
  • The confusion between over-slung and under-slung hangers is eliminated because it only uses one type of hanger for the front link and the rear link.
  • The chassis height is decreased by 70 millimeters on the tri-axle and rear link. This benefits the truck owner in other ways as well as having a significant ripple effect.
  • The weight of the trailer is decreased, which significantly lowers the cost.
  • The Max Titan O.U. is made with less material. There are lower manufacturing costs because of mechanical suspension. This results in additional cost savings.
  • It offers a benefit to the end user of up to a half-ton more payload per trip. The end user and the truck owner both profit from this.
  • As opposed to constantly needing to stock J and F hangers, it is simpler to manage inventory when you only need to keep one type of hanger on hand.

Due to its distinct design and capabilities, the Max Titan O.U. Mechanical Suspension represents a technological advancement for truck and trailer parts. The trucking industry has never seen a hanger that can be used in applications for both over-slung and under-slung trailers, but that is what this design offers. It’s also made of a lightweight, high-tensile alloy that adds very little weight to the car. These advantages result in overall better fleet management, stock control, truck handling, and cost savings over the short and long terms. The end user of the trucking company can also benefit from these cost savings. The industry is agog over this formidable and potent truck component.

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