there are many truck driver accessories  accessories that can really make your life easier during your work day. But what are these accessories? As a truck driver, you probably spend your day on the road, between traffic jams and highways. Otherwise, if you’re going to be on the job soon and it’s your first time, it’s going to be important to take this article into consideration so that you know exactly what you need to have in a truck before you hit the road. 

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Quels sont les accessoires indispensables pour un chauffeur routier ?

The GPS for trucks : the most import truck driver accessories

This is the first truck driver accessories that you must have. Indeed, when you are going to take the road to bring your cargo to a customer, you will have to follow a precise path and a precise destination. Therefore, it is very important to have a heavy duty GPS. Moreover, if you don’t know which one to choose, we advise you to follow this guide which clearly shows the 4 best heavy duty GPS. In concrete terms, you will probably wonder what the difference is between a classic GPS and a heavy duty GPS. This question is quite legitimate.

However, there are many differences between classic GPS units and those specially designed for road users. The first difference is the following: the GPS will take into account the measurements of your vehicle in order to propose a route that corresponds to these measurements. In fact, it will avoid tunnels, low bridges and steep passages. Therefore, with a roadside GPS, you will avoid all the road problems that a truck driver may encounter with his truck. For some models of GPS road, you will also be able to find your precise travel time with your break times, so that you can calculate your day well.

truck accessories for driver

Comfortable shoes

To continue in the small accessories that will make the difference, it was important for us to talk about shoes. Indeed, since you are going to spend your day in the truck, it is important to dress well in the first place so that you can keep a rather important comfort, even with several hours of road. Therefore, this special clothing will also be characterized by quality shoes. You should know that there are currently some very special brands for truckers. Indeed, some companies create special shoes for truckers so that their feet do not suffer from those long hours on the road.

truck driver shoes

A watch for break times

To conclude with this little overview of truck driver accessories, it was important for us to talk about special watches for truckers. These watches, rather classic in appearance, allow you to manage your break times in the best way. You know it if you are a trucker, but you have to make very precise break times in order to continue your work safely. With this watch, you will be warned to know when to stop and when to go back on the road.

truck driver watch

Seat Cushion

Truck drivers drive long hours. No matter how comfortable you think your seats are, they can always be better. Adding a seat cushion is a smart investment. A quality seat cushion can help your entire body feel more relaxed while driving and prevent unpleasant health issues like sciatica.

Truck drivers spend a lot of time on the road. Make time easier with the best trucker tools and accessories.

All truck drivers should keep the following four truck driver accessories with them on every trip. Truck driver tools and accessories will make your trip more comfortable and improve safety

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