You’ve probably discussed biodiesel and what it is with some of your peers at some point. You may have also wondered how it is made and what materials it is made of. If you can actually use it in the vehicle you drive, can you?

Biodiesel has been developed for a considerable amount of time. Its creation required extensive research as well as a great deal of trial and error. We have had to look to other sources of fuel due to the diminishing resource that we use every day, namely gasoline and diesel. Not to mention how expensive gasoline and diesel are today.

If the price of fuel keeps rising, how are we supposed to continue?

My tank of gasoline used to fill up for only R300 back in the day; now it costs twice as much and hardly lasts me two weeks. The fact that biodiesel has developed to the point where we can use it in our own cars and trucks is therefore quite a relief. However, keep in mind that because it is biodiesel, you can only use it in a car or truck with a diesel engine. In your truck, it will perform the same way as regular diesel, though.

Used sunflower oil is used to create biodiesel. Sunflower oil is widely used in cafes and restaurants. This sunflower oil could be consumed by them in large quantities each day. So for these restaurants, getting rid of it is a mission. They must get rid of it in a morally righteous and wholesome way, as required by law. As a result of biodiesel producers spotting this market, this wasteful used sunflower oil is now a valuable resource.

When the used sunflower oil is collected by the biodiesel producers from the various restaurants, they transport it back to their facility where the oil is transformed into a fuel that can be used in trucks. Owners of truck fleets will find this a valuable resource. You could fuel your fleet of trucks for a very long time by buying biodiesel in large quantities at a low price.

So you now know more about what biodiesel is and how it is made. You can use in your diesel-powered truck with ease and save a ton of money in the process. For enough biodiesel, make sure to purchase in bulk. You can keep a stock of it while negotiating better prices for larger quantities, which makes it a fantastic way to save money as well.

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