A concrete truck is an effective, quick, and adaptable vehicle used in the process of transporting and blending a significant amount of concrete. This kind of truck is available in a wide range of sizes and configurations to best meet the needs of the construction project. Here are four of the most popular concrete trucks:

Concrete pump

The pump system on the concrete pump truck allows it to precisely pour a large amount of concrete. Due to the long pump system, it is not necessary to hire multiple workers to shovel the concrete into the desired location. Additionally, compared to a standard concrete truck, the quick unloading time means a job is completed that much more efficiently and can handle a lot more jobs.

Standard transit

One of the most widely utilized for a variety of applications is the standard transit concrete truck. It has the capacity to transport 2 to 10 cubic meters of ready-mix concrete. Additionally, this truck has the benefit of being extremely maneuverable and having the capacity to pour concrete with ease to either side and up to a height of approximately 2.5 meters.


The more adaptable volumetric concrete truck can combine the benefits of a batching plant and a mobile mixer. The rear concrete holder is divided into several sections, making it possible to mix the appropriate quantity of new concrete as needed. When compared to concrete that has already been mixed, this truck has the potential to last much longer because it can keep the raw materials separate and in an unmixed state. This is ideal for smaller projects because it doesn’t require pouring as much ready-mixed concrete and it ultimately saves money.

Rough Terrain

A tough vehicle that can navigate even the most challenging terrain is the rough terrain concrete truck. This kind of truck, designed with a front operator’s cab and four-wheel drive, is a dependable choice for moving, mixing, loading, or pouring a lot of concrete. Additionally, it has electronic weight batching tools that enable easy production of concrete of the proper grade or consistency.

Generally speaking, there are many different concrete truck models that can offer a dependable piece of equipment in almost all small and large-scale construction projects.

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