When a career change is necessary, you may sometimes just know it. Deep within you, you can feel it. Anyone can develop the feeling after spending a lot of time at a desk. But it’s never too late to change and live an exciting life. Consider becoming a tow truck driver if you’re looking for a high-demand career that helps countless people every day. However, obtaining your CDL is a requirement for working as a towing operator. Find out what a CDL is and where you can get one in your town by reading on.

Commercial Driver’s License

The acronym “CDL” stands for “commercial driver’s license.” Similar to a regular driver’s license, a commercial license enables you to legally drive commercial vehicles. This includes records and tow trucks. Possessing a commercial driver’s license is the other significant difference. Simple written exams and a quick field test are all that are required to obtain a regular driver’s license.

However, you must be able to provide the required documentation and pass a number of classroom lessons and field exams in order to obtain your CDL. Furthermore, to be eligible for a commercial driving license in any state, an applicant must be at least 18 years old and hold a current driver’s license. For information on how to get a CDL where you live, check with your local Department of Transportation office as additional requirements differ from state to state.

Here is an Example:

If you reside in a particular Hoosier state in the Midwest, you’ll also need a Social Security card, a working medical card, proof of auto insurance, enough insurance coverage for the vehicle you intend to use for your skills test, and a Department of Transportation (DOT) medical examination certification form filled out by a certified doctor. You must take your completed paperwork to the local Driver’s License Division office once you have everything organized. Make sure to select a CDL-friendly office. If you choose, you can mail your documents to many offices. Prior to filling out your envelope and mailing it, make sure to obtain the correct contact details.

Quick Tip:

If you are committed to a career in the wrecker industry, speak with some nearby tow truck companies for suggestions on how to obtain your CDL. Even before you apply for your commercial driver’s license, you might establish some long-lasting connections and position yourself to drive a tow truck.

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