You usually start to feel a little anxious when something goes wrong or sounds odd while you’re driving. You are confused as to what is going on, what that noise is, and how you will identify the issue and fix it. The wheels beginning to wobble might be one of those noises.

This sound and realization can be frightening. Nobody wants to hear their wheels squeal or make a noise while they are driving. This usually only occurs to a small percentage of people. It might happen because the mechanic didn’t tighten the nuts on the mag wheels when you had a new wheel installed. Or perhaps the mag wheels’ nuts have worn out because they haven’t been checked in a while. To prevent such incidents, it is imperative that you regularly inspect your tires and wheels.

You hear a strange sound coming from the side of your car as you are traveling down the highway on your way to work. A dull knocking noise against the car resembles a regular thud. It is best to stop in a secure location when you hear this sound or any other unusual sound for that matter. Step outside your vehicle and head to the area of the vehicle where the noise was heard. Compare it to one of the others if you think it might be a wheel. Examine both the suspected wheel and the in-good-condition wheels. Is it apparent that the alleged one is not situated exactly where the other one is? If it is, it may not be securely fastened and therefore not stable enough to be driven. You can’t drive any further, so it’s best to call a tow truck in this situation. While driving, there is a possibility that the wheel could come off. Request that the tow truck driver bring the vehicle to an established wheel and tire installation shop.

The fitting center will assess the tyre’s placement and almost certainly remove it for additional inspection. You will be urged to replace the wheel and tire if they are defective. Before you leave on your own, ask the fitment center to test drive it and perform a wheel alignment test.

Always stop and check your car whenever you hear anything out of the ordinary before continuing your journey.

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