Since there are more serious big rig truck accidents, you will probably sustain serious injuries if you are hit by one, according to recent statistics. According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), large truck accidents caused 107,921 serious injuries nationwide in 2012. 3,921 of these wounds were fatal. Comparing the two years, there has been an 18% increase. Seventy-three percent of those hurt were passengers in the passenger car the truck struck.

So what should you do if you are involved in a big rig accident?

Initially, don’t move! No matter how minor a large truck accident appears at first, stay in your car so the police can properly record the incident. If you move your vehicle, your case may come down to “he said”/”she said” in court.

And that brings us to tip number two: don’t be afraid to call the police! Even though it is typically required in car accidents, it is a good idea to have a unbiased third party examine the scene of the truck accident, gather information, and assist in assigning blame. The best thing to have on your side could be a police report that has been filed. It will include details, images, witness information, and possibly the officer’s determination of the cause and/or guilt.

Third, resist making excuses! What you say can be used against you in court, so don’t get out of your vehicle and apologize, saying “It was all my fault.” There, you have now lost your case. Be worried, enquire about the other person, and assess the damage, but avoid admitting guilt.

The fourth action you should take is to gather proof! Obtain the names, contact information, and addresses of all participants in the collision, including any witnesses. If you can, don’t forget to take photos. As soon as you are able, put your memories of what happened on paper. The resolution of big rig injury accident cases can take years, and you might need to remember the accident’s specifics. A written account can be extremely useful.

Finally, get in touch with a reliable truck accident attorney who focuses on cases like this. Don’t attempt to handle this on your own because the trucking company is likely to have a team of attorneys working for them. Hire a truck accident attorney to represent you for knowledgeable assistance.

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