it is mandatory to have certain equipment in professional vehicles, trucks are no exception to this rule.

Some truck driver accessories is not mandatory, but it is strongly recommended to have it because it is particularly useful in case of accidents or problems on the road.

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What truck driver accessories should I have in my truck?

Whether it is to ensure the safety of the driver or to make necessary repairs on the road, a truck must have several equipments in order to secure its movement. In this article, we will introduce you to all the safety equipment for a truck: control cameras, anti-theft devices, tightening indicators, etc. You will also know where to get them, there are sites according to the model and category of the vehicle: market place for tractors, marketplace for trucks, etc.

Cab and driver accessories

The presence of a new fire extinguisher in a truck is mandatory since 1996. This is valid even for trucks that do not transport dangerous products (e.g. goods trucks).

In addition to the fire extinguisher, there are several other parts that must be present in a driver’s cab. These include battery accessories, plugs and accessories for quick repairs.

The online sales sites also offer comfort and decoration products for the cabin: seat covers, windshield fringe, curtains, etc.

The first aid kit

Finally, a first aid kit is recommended in a truck, but it remains a choice, since in France, it is not mandatory to have one.

However, in case of an accident, this first aid kit can be really useful, especially for first aid. It should contain: compresses, plasters, antiseptics, scissors, gloves, etc. You can buy this equipment either on equipment websites or at a pharmacy.

équipement camion

The spare parts of a truck

For spare parts, it is possible to find quality equipment online. All major brands offer their products on online sales sites.

On these sites, you can pay for your purchases online via 100% secure payment methods. The delivery is very fast (on average one week), better still, you can even deliver the spare parts directly to your repairer.

Buying online is therefore a time and money saver, since the products available online are cheaper than those available in stores.

Moreover, it is possible to compare prices to be sure to find the right product.

Truck equipment sales sites are organized by category. Thus, you can find :

  • The bodywork.
  • Mechanics.
  • Cab and driver accessories.
  • Additional accessories.
  • Outdoor equipment.
  • Tuning accessories.
  • Bulbs and fuses.
  • Optics and lighting.

Some sites also offer an exchange or a refund in case of problem or non-compatibility of the product, as well as an after-sales service to answer all your questions.

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