Due to the dangers involved with trucks and trailers, operating a trucking business or being a truck driver can result in a number of unwanted issues and worries. When operating one, you must exercise extreme caution because trucks and trailers are dangerous vehicles. Checking your truck and trailer before each trip is advised, especially if you frequently travel over long distances.

The following is a list of truck and trailer components that you should inspect before you leave.

Perform a service inspection. Check to see when the truck had a full maintenance service last. If it has been done recently, it is good; however, if the maintenance service is due within the next 1000 kilometers, it would be wise to schedule it before you take the truck out on the road for a long haul. You don’t want to have a service due while you are in the middle of a trip because you might be nearing the end of a truck part that needs to be replaced.

Oil Filter and Oil should be changed. Check your truck’s oil and filter before you leave because they will affect how smoothly it runs. It is advised to change the oil filter frequently for trucks, at least every 500 kilometers. A truck uses a lot of oil because it is a heavy-duty vehicle, which also causes the oil filter to quickly become exhausted.

The tires on your truck and trailer should also be inspected. Tyres should be replaced right away if they have little tread. If you plan to travel a great distance, you cannot have smooth tires on your truck or trailer. Trucks are more prone to slick conditions and sliding than cars are, so having good tyres is crucial to preventing accidents. Inspect the tires for punctures or other damage as well. Replace the tires if you notice any of these. Avoid attempting to patch a truck or trailer puncture because it might not hold, especially if you intend to add a heavy load.

Verify the wiper blades. This may seem unimportant, but a truck driver needs to be able to see clearly in front of him when it is raining. If in doubt, replace the wiper blades and the blade inserts. If not, bring an extra set of wiper blades on your trip.

Make sure your truck and trailer are in good condition for travel before embarking on a long haul.

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