It’s likely that you have heard of Konecranes, a Finnish manufacturer that provides and manufactures a wide range of operational lifting equipment for businesses, if you run an operation that utilizes or needs lifting machines, cranes, or other heavy-duty hoists to aid with the transport of bulky material.

Since its founding in 1994, Konecranes, an industry leader with numerous awards, has offered lifting assistance to a number of processing and heavy-duty industries. With more than twenty years at the top of their game, they have established themselves as a trusted supplier for some crucial industrial machinery. The Scandinavian giant will probably be one of your first stops if you’re looking for a forklift truck, lifting winches, hoists, or crane supplies.

For example, Konecranes can lend cranes to businesses that need them temporarily. Konecranes is the kind of company that works with smaller/newer businesses to assist with construction projects. However, the majority of the cranes they lend out are typically quite large, which is where the smaller businesses come into play. By partnering with Konecranes, these businesses enable customers to hire or purchase smaller cranes from smaller businesses.

Every business operation is unique, and Konecranes can offer a wide range of heavy lifting and transport equipment because they are very flexible in this regard. They have been able to win numerous industry awards and maintain their status as a dependable supplier to both small and large businesses thanks to their wide selection and high-quality product line.

You might worry, however, that Konecranes might not be able to provide the appropriate equipment for your own product line and that your company might not benefit from using a lifting mechanism that is “one-size-fits-all” if, for instance, you produce or transport extremely heavy machinery or equipment that a typical in-house crane may not always be able to handle.

There is no need to be worried, as crane companies ought to be happy to go over your company’s needs and future requirements in detail in advance so that they can find and give them the appropriate equipment for the job. This is a great bespoke option that will prevent you from being left with an underpowered or excessively large forklift or crane operation that neither gets the job done nor offers a particularly useful solution to you. Some businesses have partnerships with Konecranes and will be able to help tailor and order hoisting and winching equipment that specifically benefits your stock and purposes.

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