Perhaps you have never met a retiree who spends his time traveling the nation full-time while living in a mobile command center. You haven’t met me, and I’m the only one who does this, so that’s the only reason, I suppose. Recently, I was discussing this fact with a technology guru from overseas and he said:

That’s strange; why do you live in a large, high-tech truck?

As you are probably thinking the same thing right now, I gave him my response. You might find it strange, but I spent a lot of time traveling and living in hotels, airports, and other strange places while I was franchising my business. I consequently purchased a massive motor coach, but I did not like it because I had never considered becoming a bus driver.

Then I purchased a Mobile Command Center that contained my offices, a business library, Satellite Internet, and was converted into a sizable display trailer in the NASCAR style. A few years later, I sold the company and they only wanted the cash flow, not the Blitz Team Marketing Mobile, so I converted it into my house, shop, garage, and mobile home. Yes, it is straightforward, cozy, and equipped with all the amenities. I’m very productive; my commute only takes 15 seconds!

Am I now homeless as a result of this? No, but I do enjoy traveling. I live in a huge country, so the freedom and ability to travel are both so much better!, 3,000 miles across and 1800 miles tall, except in Canada is another cool summer destination that is connected to Florida and is even more accessible than Florida. Well, freedom definitely alters the way you view the world. God Bless America!

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