If you work in the janitorial services industry, you are aware that settling an associated insurance claim requires more than a quick mop sweep. To truly be protected from liability risks, such as losses, damages, and potential lawsuits, you need to have precise coverage.

What common dangers do janitorial services face? See by reading the insurance claims below.

Janitor Business Commercial Claim Cases

Bodily Injury Policy

A chain of grocery stores was served by John’s janitorial service. A delivery man slipped on the wet surface as his employee washed the floors just before the store opened. The man broke his leg, incurring $32,000 in medical expenses. The deliveryman lost wages from work for a year and a half as a result of the injury. The injured party sued John for negligence because the janitor neglected to post warning signs about wet floors in his path. John was shielded from the lawsuit by his commercial insurance, which also made a $250,000 contribution toward the $500,000 settlement.

Property Damage Policy

Tim drove up to the large apartment complex with a bulky carpet steamer in tow. Tim had unintentionally allowed motor oil to leak out of the machine while moving it along the building’s corridor and onto the floor rugs and marbled tile. Thankfully, Tim’s business insurance covered the costs of the damages, which also included money for cleaning and restoration work.

Rental Reimbursement Policy

Bob waxed the flooring at a one-story house owned by a homeowner. Unfortunately, Bob’s employee neglected to load the equipment into the back of his truck. The worker totaled the waxing equipment when he backed out of the driveway and right into it. While Bob’s own equipment was being repaired, his rental reimbursement paid the $1,500 for another machine.

Worker Theft of Customer Property Policy

For extra temporary help cleaning a house, Celina hired someone. The cleaning lady was doing her job, but she couldn’t resist the allure of an expensive necklace and a ring with diamonds. The employee stole the jewelry and fled the crime scene, never to be seen again. Celina’s commercial insurance policy provided the $8,000 needed to cover the losses.

Lost Key Policy

A buttoned pocket is where Mark typically kept his client’s key ring. Mark had once misplaced the expensive keys. Mark was forced to reinstall new locks on every apartment component in the entire building that belonged to his customer because he had no other option. Fortunately, he had the insurance that would have covered the $8,000 needed to complete the task.

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