You’ve probably seen truck door magnets used in other industries and on real estate sign websites, but you’re probably wondering why on earth you should use one. You have a nice car and don’t want to risk the magnet damaging it, or you think using them is tacky or for some other reason. Magnetic truck door signs, however, can significantly increase your company’s sales.

Does It Look Cheesy?

Is it cheesy-looking? That is the question that needs to be addressed before we dive into the advantages of using truck door magnetic signs. If you plan it properly, the answer to this question is fairly straightforward.

If you’ve ever seen a magnetic sign on a truck that looks tacky, it’s most likely because the sign was white and the truck was another color or because of some other glaring design flaw. For the sign to match your car, you must send the manufacturer the color of your truck or car when you order professionally made door magnetic signs. Thus, you avoid coming off as cheesy and the sign looks much more natural on your car.

Increasing Recognition

Magnetic truck door signs’ main advantage is that they make you and your car more recognizable. When you arrive at a location to meet customers, both existing clients and potential ones will be able to identify your car. When shy or anxious customers are waiting for someone they haven’t intended to meet to arrive, this can be very helpful. They can feel secure knowing that they can recognize you right away.

Additional Advertising

There are always going to be situations where selling a house is difficult, whether it be due to the house itself, competition, a recession, or any other issue. When you experience periods where selling a house is difficult, having additional advertising always helps. It also benefits at any time. Anytime a magnetic truck door sign is on the door, it serves as additional advertising.

When it is parked or when you are driving, people will notice the signage on your truck or car door. When they do, they might just take note of your information if they want to buy or sell. During an open house, parking your car outside the house will also serve as additional signage and advertising, which will entice visitors to check out your listing.

What Should Be On It?

Although there isn’t a set formula for making truck door magnetic signs, there are some formatting and content guidelines you can use to make the most of your available space.

Your name and contact information should be displayed on your signage in a size and font that is largely easy to read. Your phone number should be prominently displayed as it is the easiest thing for people to write down or remember of all your contact details. In a smaller font, follow that with your email address and/or website.

In order to be easily recognized and to foster the same level of brand recognition as your real estate sign does, your truck door signage should be similar to that of your agency’s real estate signs. The major real estate companies have templates available from numerous businesses.

No Damage

It doesn’t matter if a car is brand new or ten years old; nobody wants to damage it. You need not be concerned about damaging truck door magnetic signs when using them. You won’t harm the car as long as you wipe down the area beneath the signage each time you apply it with a rag or towel. A magnet doesn’t lose its power, so the signage can be taken down and reused as often as you like.

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