Numerous, numerous causes are in need. Thank goodness for social service organizations that help seniors, abused women, the homeless, troubled teens, dysfunctional families, mistreated animals, domestic violence, and other issues.

An all-inclusive non-profit commercial insurance policy for organizations serving the needs of the public sector is advised by insurance companies across the US based on extensive experience. Sadly, just because there is an overarching altruistic theme doesn’t eliminate the possibility of damages and losses. These actually happen quite frequently, as do the associated claims and legal actions.

Insurance Claims Examples

Property Insurance Coverage

A fire broke out inside a local shelter for battered women, resulting in significant smoke and heat damage. The social service organization was unable to continue helping their clients in the destroyed location until repairs were finished. During that time, the group moved to another location while experiencing a $75,000 property loss.

General Liability Insurance Coverage

Up until the traumatic event, the mother and daughter’s trip to the animal sanctuary had been enjoyable. The young girl had been stroking a pitiful-looking puppy when an older dog bit her viciously. The fact that the child needed 13 stitches at a hospital made the pain only a small part of the ordeal. The family filed a lawsuit against the animal sanctuary for emotional distress as well as pain and suffering.

Professional Liability Insurance Coverage

A local asylum resident experienced a severe allergic reaction after receiving painkillers intravenously. The resident’s parents filed a claim for pain and suffering against the nurse and the asylum.

Hired and Non Owned Auto Insurance Coverage

A Catholic church branch nearby provided transportation for elderly patients who were confined to their homes to medical appointments as well as helped them with their errand needs. One day, a motorist failed to exercise sufficient caution and sped through a yield sign. A truck was hit by the car. Even though the cars sustained only minor damage, the senior passenger was seriously hurt. The patient’s family sued the driver, but her auto insurance didn’t provide enough protection. The family then filed a secondary claim with the church’s Hired and Non-Hired Auto Insurance in an effort to recover damages.

Abuse and Molestation Insurance Coverage

A volunteer for troubled teens offered to take a boy on a two-day camping trip because it was shameful that one family could not even trust the volunteer at a Youth Society. Unaware of the potential consequences, the boy’s parents signed a consent form. The volunteer sexually assaulted the boy alone. To his parents’ surprise, the boy revealed the upsetting encounter. The parents sued the society for physical harm and psychological abuse.

Speak with an knowledgeable independent agency for more information on how to defend nonprofit social services against similar lawsuits.

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