Your standard commercial or business insurance won’t protect you for accidents that happen abroad if you or your employees travel there to conduct business. It doesn’t take much imagination to picture the disastrous effects of an accident without sufficient insurance.

Like you, Stan is a businessman. He took all the risks into consideration before beginning to send his employee abroad to assist in the expansion of his business.

Here’s Stan’s story:

Stan operated an electrical device store in the neighborhood. He was able to buy cheaply and sell cheaply by locating product sources in the Orient. Due to the affordable prices, both his clientele and business grew—much to his delight. Stan, however, found it challenging to maintain his inventory given the sharp increase in overall sales. He made the decision to appoint one of his men as an overseas agent, someone who would go to China to personally select and buy the goods.

Even though it appeared to be a win-win situation, there was a catch. He was exposed to a significantly higher liability risk due to his employee’s sporadic travel to and presence in Beijing.

“I realized that I could not ignore the cold facts,” claims Stan. “I would be in a lot of trouble if any of my employees were involved in an auto or truck collision that caused damage to another vehicle, injuries to someone else, or the death of someone else, as my general policy would not provide any coverage in such a case.”

Stan was incredibly focused in his determination. There is no assurance that US businesses doing business abroad will be shielded from lawsuit liability for losses, such as car and property damages, medical expenses, and other expenses.

“What did I do?” continues Stan. “I got customized international coverage at a competitively lowest quote after approaching an experienced independent agency! Then, without headaches or lost sleep due to all the potential dangers, business went on as usual.”

Businesses involved in international trade or student or religious groups visiting far-off countries should opt for an international policy. It provides coverage for:

• Bodily injury/property damage

• Employee compensation liability

• Personal injury liability

• Doctors’ and medical bills

• Lawsuits stemming from countries outside of the US

• Lawsuits filed in the US for losses and damages that occurred elsewhere

With everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve, don’t play Russian roulette. Before an accident abroad leaves you largely in the red, speak with your insurance agent and choose the sensible protective measure.

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